For my birthday this year my family surprised me with a trip to England!  Later I found out that I was going to see Manchester United Play Tottenham! It just kept getting better and better.....

I went with my coach and my father.  My coach knows some Manchester trainers.  He some how managed to get us some ticks to go to the game it was the nicest thing someone has ever done.

The game ended up being a disapointment for Manchester at hald time while being down 0-2.  In the second half when Carrik was fouled in the box for a PK I knew Ronaldo would score, but what i didn't know was if after they would if they could keep the momentum and keep going to victory.

I was very pleased to have had the privalge to see the beautiful game.  The game ending 2-5 with another goal from Ronaldo and two from Rooney and one more from Berbatov.

See I live in the U.S. so going over there to see a game is about 10x better than Christmas!!

So I thought just putting something in here would be fun to read and in a way inspirational! well enjoy the rest of the site!

Thank you for reading! 

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